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Medis Suite CT

The innovative, vendor-independent post-processing software solution for advanced quantitative CT analysis in the cardiovascular domain.

Medis Suite CT product screen

Proven Accuracy

Validated results in 300+ scientific papers for the evaluation of the heart chambers' function, and advanced coronary plaque analysis

Powerful AI

Various AI algorithms have been embedded in Medis Suite CT for coronary tree extraction, vessel lumen and outer wall segmentation. Together with the feature-tracking and semi-automatic smart editing tools, it is saving time during CT analysis and increasing reproducibility.

Batch reporting

With the report wizard, it is possible to extract numerous coronary analysis results from CTA exams and organize them in a single spreadsheet, saving time on results evaluation.


Medis CT plaque tools have supported groundbreaking innovative research in the field of ischemic heart disease and atherosclerosis.

Robust Platform

The robust Medis Suite Platform integrates viewing, advanced analyses, and reporting in one workflow. It is multi-modality platform for MR, CT Analysis, XA and Echo to be able to compare studies side by side.

What is Medis Suite CT?

Medis Suite CT is our solution for cardiac CT analysis, evaluating the coronary tree and assessing the heart function. 
Medis Suite CT includes the basic tools for routine measurements as well as highly innovative and best-in-class applications.

After a cardiac CT has been executed the CT will be analyzed. Such a CT analysis of the heart contains visualization and quantification aspects for the coronaries and/or cardiac chambers. The aim of this CT analysis is to define the diagnosis and treatment plan.

What's new in the latest version of Medis Suite CT?

CT analysis of plaque

CT plaque is being recognized more and more as an important marker to assess in atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Medis has developed the QAngio CT solution that helps you quantify plaque in your research by extracting relevant information from CT Angio (CTA) analysis studies. With automated algorithms for tree extraction, contouring, tissue characterization as well as a powerful batch processing of results, the QAngio CT enables you to do your research more efficiently. Interested to see how our QAngio CT solution can help you quantify plaque? Read the blogs below to learn more!

Measuring the function of the heart using Medis Suite CT

With our new add-ons: Strain and Hemodynamic forces

Applications of Medis Suite CT

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