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Medis QFR®

Fast, user-friendly, non-invasive coronary physiology powered by AI deep learning.
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What is Medis QFR® ?

Medis QFR® is an image-based functional assessment of coronary obstructions from standard coronary angiograms. This software solution offers a simple, intuitive workflow, applicable for online and offline usage to fit your clinical needs.

Proven Accuracy

QFR® is proven to have good correlation and agreement with FFR, by 15.000+ patients and 17.000+ lesions in 150+ peer-reviewed articles.

Time & Cost Efficiency

No pressure wire, no adenosine, reduces treatment costs and procedure time.

User Friendly

Simpler intuitive workflow, applicable for online and offline usage.

Quality Control

QFR® can be used for the assessment of the results post-PCI, thereby facilitating quality control.

Saving 2nd Intervention Procedure

QFR® allows assessment of non-culprit lesions to decide on Yes or No stages procedure, potentially saving the second intervention procedure

What is new in the latest version of Medis QFR® ?

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