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Medis Suite Ultrasound

The new vendor-independent solution for advanced deformation analysis for cardiac Ultrasound.

Medis Suite ultrasound product screen

Advanced Measurements

Medis Suite Ultrasound offers quantitative insights in global and regional heart function for research use only

Workflow Efficiency

Provides analysis for the Left Ventricle, Left Atrium and Right Ventricle powered by innovative algorithms.

Robust Platform

The robust Medis Suite platform integrates viewing, advanced analyses and reporting in one workflow for Ultrasound with a further option to also integrate Medis Suite MR and Medis Suite CT.

What is Medis Suite Ultrasound?

Medis Suite Ultrasound is the latest addition to the Medis Suite portfolio for cardiovascular imaging. Based on 20 years of developments and innovations, we bring you the latest image post-processing tools in advanced cardiac deformation analysis for echo. Medis Suite Ultrasound is currently available for research use. Medis Suite Ultrasound is a continuation of over 20 years of innovative algorithms and ground-breaking work in Echo software by AMID. AMID was acquired by Medis in 2020.

Measuring the function of the heart using Medis Suite Ultrasound

With our new add-ons: Strain and Hemodynamic forces

What's new in the latest version of Medis Suite Ultrasound?

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Applications of Medis Suite Ultrasound

Medis Suite Ultrasound in use

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