Introducing Medis Suite
Medis provides innovative post-processing cardiovascular imaging solutions,
with highly accurate and reproducible quantification, for your CT, MRI, X-Ray and Ultrasound procedures.
Medis releases new software
Introducing the newest Medis software release!

Medis proudly announces the newest releases of the Medis software!

The update will include:
• The addition of Ultrasound to the Medis Suite portfolio, available for research use
• New features in MR, CT, QFR and XA increasing the efficiency and making our Medis Suite platform more customer-friendly while reducing time on analysis



The novel QFR® approach leverages advanced principles on coronary pressure losses to accurately and effectively assess a physiologic and at the same time anatomic assessment of a coronary arterial segment.

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Imaging solutions in a heartbeat
At Medis we are constantly improving our software solutions, supporting healthcare professionals with determining the best diagnosis and the subsequent treatment strategies for all heart patients.

Medis Medical Imaging

Medis Medical Imaging develops, markets and supports high quality and powerful software with innovative post-processing solutions for cardiovascular imaging. Medis has been developing software solutions to support the healthcare professionals in their CT, MRI, X-Ray and Ultrasound procedures for over thirty years. Medis multi-modality software is best in class and vendor independent, it can be used in both scientific research and in clinical routine.

QFR®: A proven non-invasive assessment of coronary physiology for better clinical decisions

QFR is proven by >100 peer-reviewed papers, including >12.000 patients and >1.5000 vessels.

FAVOR III QFR outcome study is ongoing in both Europe and China. 6000 patients to be enrolled.

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BSCI Medis

BSCI – BSCCT 13-14 Sep

Medis will be attending the annual BSCI – BSCCT Conference. The conference will start on Sunday Sep 12th and end on Tuesday Sep 14th filled with interesting lectures, workshops and

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Bildgebung mit Herz

Bildgebung mit Herz 10-11 Sep

Medis will be attending the annual Bildgebung mit Herz Conference. The conference will be held on Friday Sep 10th and Saturday Sep 11th and consists of many speakers and workshops.

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DRES meeting Medis

DRES meeting 9-10 Sep

The DRES meeting is the meeting for interventional cardiologists in the Netherlands. It will be the 10th anniversary of the DRES meeting, and Medis very excited to be present! Please

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