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The innovative, vendor-independent post-processing solution for your offline evaluation of IVUS and OCT studies.

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Workflow efficiency

IVUS provides time-saving detection of lumen, stent and vessel borders in addition to powerful and fast editing. While OCT provides a fast and intuitive workflow for automatic stent struts detection with an easy thin cap analysis.

Detailed reporting

QIvus provides a highly detailed report including IVUS results with tissue characterization results, OCT/OFDI stent struts and OCT/OFDI vulnerable plaque.

Vendor Independent

QIvus is a vendor-independent software for both IVUS and OCT/OFDI analysis.

What is Intravascular?

Intravascular is an innovative, vendor-independent solution for the assessment of offline information from images collected during coronary intervention. In addition it allows for quantitative plaque parameters from grayscale IVUS and detailed stent information on numerous stent struts from OCT.

The features of IVUS

The features of OCT/OFDI

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