The novel and patented QFR® approach applies advanced mathematical modelling to accurately and effectively measure the physiologic and anatomical extent of a patient’s coronary artery disease. QFR® also improves the patient experience with fast procedure times, no invasive devices or adenosine administration is required.

General Benefits

Clinical Benefits

QFR® features

Image Acquisition

  • Can be applied to monoplane and biplane systems to fit the local clinical setting

  • Automated calibration based on Isocenter data

  • Patented acquisition guiding tool suggesting optimal X-ray projections

Image Analysis

  • Can be applied pre-, during- and post-PCI
  • Automatic ED frame selection based on ECG
  • QFR® provides 2 different flow models:
    • Fixed flow QFR®, using fixed flow velocity
    • Contrast QFR® based on the contrast frame count

QFR® results

  • 3D anatomic info for stent sizing

  • Allows prioritization of serial lesions

  • Residual QFR® predicts the effect of an intervention on the resulting QFR® value
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