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Medis Suite MR

Vendor-independent post-processing solution for CMR cases


Medis® Suite MR is the vendor-independent post-processing solution for CMR cases. The workflow in Medis Suite MR is based on 15+ years of experience with CMR and 30+ years of cardiovascular medical image analysis in general.

The software includes workflow which guides you through a practical CMR viewer, advanced clinical applications and convenient reporting all in one, making it highly efficient to work with.

It contains automatic deep learning contours for LV & RV function analysis, infarct size quantification, and a fast efficient and practical 4D flow analysis for clinical purpose.

Setting up Medis Suite MR in the hospital IT environment and connecting it to the DICOM network is easy, you can even connect it to your reporting system.

In addition, highly innovative and cutting edge research apps such as QStrain RE and QMap RE are integrated.


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What our customers say

At our institution, the Department of Congenital Heart Disease we have many clinical MRI cases, which are considered complex congenital heart diseases. Therefore, we need an advanced and dedicated analysis software for our large cardiac MR data sets, which should be time efficient and installable on the ordinary clinical computer without the need for a special technical environment. For almost ten years we use the Medis products for post-processing of our data sets. Since December 2015 we use the new Medis product “Medis Suite” which consist of several different and powerful analysis tools (QMass MR, QFlow, MRA View, Mapping (T1, T2, T2*, ECV), QStrain along with integrated reporting). Medis doesn’t just offer software products among others, their outstanding and very supportive customer service also makes a difference for us. They have consistently been opened to new research ideas and suggestions and implement these improvement with product updates. We highly recommend “Medis Suite” to any clinician and researcher in the field of cardiac MRI.
Prof. Dr. Carsten Rickers
I have been using the Medis software for CMR post-processing since many years and recently I decided to renew the six licences we had with the new Medis Suite ones. I have to say that the decision was very successful and I am now very happy with the choice. The new Medis Suite has added to the proverbial strength of this software, that is the friendly interface, a more articulated flexibility which allows an easy and comprehensive assessment of cardiac images. It is also worth of note the impressive speed of the new Medis Suite which is much faster with respect to the previous releases. Even with all the six licences working at the same time, to upload the images from the PACS and analyse them with one of the many specific programs is an easy and fast task and the operators can focus their attention into the diagnostic effort. My opinion is that this new release represents a new generation of CMR post-processing showing that it is really possible to maintain the pace of the rapid development which is happening in the field of modern CMR.
Prof. Massimo Lombardi Policlinico San Donato, Milan, Italy
With a fast and intuitive workflow Medis Suite MR really accelerated our CMR post processing in clinical routine and science.
Dr. Beitzke University Clinic Vienna
Since we started our collaboration with Medis more than 10 years ago, we have been very satisfied with Medis Suite and the applications. We are using the Medis Suite for research trials and our daily clinical work. In addition, the easy handling and proven accuracy of the measurements make the software excellently suited for our MRI Core Lab Berlin, where we perform clinical studies from Phase I-III.
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kelle (MD, FESC) German Heart Institute Berlin and Charité University Medicine Berlin Department of Internal Medicine/Cardiology
The Medis machine learning with AutoQ-contours is absolutely fantastic – a real game changer and a huge time-saver!
Dr. Russell Bull Consultant Radiologist, Royal Bournemouth Hospital, UK