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The first impression of the heart and its state is based on the anatomy over the cardiac cycle. With the 2D and 3D viewer you can see if there are congenital abnormalities, irregularities in the heartbeat, thickenings in the myocardium or check the quality of the MR scan.

DICOM Viewer

Obtain a comprehensive case overview in a glance with the viewer. This by eye-balling the images either individually or side by side, by comparing structures of different sequences with cross-referencing tools, and by getting some first values from area or distance measurements.

3D Viewer

Either view and analyze MRA data or reformat the 3D series into more regular 2D cine images. Of the MRA a 3D visualization is made highlighting the wished heart structures, of these vessels area and (double) distances measurements can be taken on any level. Of the 3D series new 2D cine series can be generated to be used for further (function) analysis.

Proven Accuracy

Powerful AI


Robust Platform

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