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Tissue Characterization

Diagnose underlying cardiac diseases contributing to reduced cardiac function through advanced tissue characterization analyses. Detect scar tissue with LGE imaging, identify edema with T2-weighted imaging, and assess perfusion with stress imaging. Additionally, mapping sequences help differentiate between various cardiac pathologies, providing a comprehensive diagnostic approach.

T1 Analysis

Calculate the T1 relaxation time in both Inversion Recovery based (MOLLI, Look Locker) and Progressive Saturation based sequences. Based on the region of interest the T1 time is provided with color overlay. The T1 values accurately identify territories of myocardial edema aiding in the diagnosis.

T2/T2* Analysis

T2 and/or T2* decay times based on the drawn region of interest, with color overlays indicating values. Identify edema with T2 and/or iron overload with T2* sequences in heart and liver.

DSI: Late Gadolinium Enhancement (LGE)

Assess infarct size via late gadolinium enhancement (LGE). Visually assess or quantify using methods like Full Width at Half Maximum (FWHM) or Standard Deviations (SD). Determine infarct transmurality for severity

TSI: Perfusion

Simultaneously review rest and stress series to assess perfusion defects. Automatically measures as relative upslope and time to 50% max are given in a 16-segment model for precise quantification.

T1 Mapping

Generate T1 parametric maps using Inversion Recovery (MOLLI, Look Locker) and Progressive Saturation sequences. Obtain T1 values based on AHA 16 segments or user-defined regions.

T2/T2 Mapping

Easily calculate T2 and/or T2* parametric maps, providing values based on the AHA 16 segments or user-defined regions of interest. Identify areas of edema (in case of T2 sequence) or iron overload (in case of a T2* sequence) with precision.

ECV Mapping

Obtain precise ECV map measurements by combining T1 pre- and post-contrast scans with hematocrit data. Automatic motion correction ensures accurate alignment, between and in the raw T1 series.

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