The 4 advantages of Inward Displacement

As global strain is being adopted more and more to describe global LV function, what about regional function?​ In order to assess regional dysfunction in a more intuitive manner, we have introduced “Inward Displacement”. ​

InwD presents 4 advantages:​
– Tracking of the endocardial structure, ​which is well represented in images, is more accurate than of the internal myocardial features.​
– Direct measurement of displacements is more intuitive than the assessments of differential myocardial motion needed for strain​.
– Regional InwD values effectively describe the segmental contribution to contraction, while longitudinal strain represents deformation along segments.​
– Segmental InwD is less influenced by neighboring segments or basal plane motion​

In general, Regional InwD results are more in line with visual observation.

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