Medis QFR® Live and In-Use at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital of Brooklyn


 Last week the Medis QFR team visited New York Presbyterian Hospital to go-live with the Medis QFR® software in the Cath lab. During this visit, live cases with suspected lesions were analyzed and the QFR® analysis correlated perfectly with FFR. The team at NY Presbyterian was pleasantly surprised at the ease of use, speed, and accuracy of Medis QFR®. They are looking forward to using it on more cases. 

Medis is thrilled to partner with Key Opinion Leaders like Dr. Kobayashi, Dr. Parikh, and Dr. Mihatov, of New York Presbyterian Methodist Hospital of Brooklyn. More and more cardiologists are seeing the value of the Medis QFR® software, and the adoption of non-invasive coronary physiology is growing around the globe. 

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