New inward displacement analysis study by R. Hegeman, MD et al. presented at TCT 2022

The use of CT- and MRI-derived novel inward displacement analysis for the evaluation of the improvement of left ventricular function after hybrid minimally invasive left ventricular reconstruction (HMILVR) in patients with ischemic cardiomyopathy by R. Hegeman, MD et al.

During the TCT2022, Romy Hegeman, MD et al. from St. Antonius Hospital, Utrecht, the Netherlands presented the results of a validation study using a recently developed novel parameter for regional wall motion denoted “Inward Displacement (InD)”.

Two analyses were performed in this study:
Analysis 1: InD was applied in 15 patients pre- and post-HMILVR.
Analysis 2: pre-procedural InD was compared with pre-procedural STE (speckle tracking echocardiography) in 17 patients.

The general results show that when comparing the echocardiographic data pre- and directly postoperatively in 15 patients:
LVEF increased from 35 ± 9% to 48 ± 11% (change +37%, P=0.0001)
LV-volumes decreased: LVESVI 53 ± 22 ml/m2 to 30 ± 13 ml/m2 (change -43%, P=0.0001) and LVEDVI 79 ± 27 ml/m2 to 55 ± 16 ml/m2 (change -30%, P<0.0001).

Furthermore, the results of Analysis 1 show a 38% and a 40% improvement of the basal and mid-cavity contractility respectively. In addition, the Analysis 2 results demonstrate a strong and significant correlation between InD and STE for the LV base and mid-cavity.

Conclusions: according to the authors, InD is a promising new methodology to objectively assess regional LV wall structure-function, which could aid in screening, procedural guidance, and outcome in LV reshaping interventions.

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