Medis Inward Displacement

Medis Inward Displacement (InD) tool demonstrated its unique capability in a study including patients with ischemic HFrEF


The novel Medis Inward Displacement (InD) tool, being a new regional wall motion model based on feature tracking, has demonstrated its unique capability in a study including patients with ischemic HFrEF, who underwent left ventricular reconstruction (LVR) with the BioVentrix Revivent TC® system.

The InD, measured using either CT, CMR or Ultrasound, successfully demonstrated the concept of reverse LV remodeling, when an ischemic population with large anteroseptal and/or apical scars underwent a hybrid LVR procedure. 

The strong correlations of InD improvement with LV volume reductions, along with speckle tracking echocardiography, provide early mechanistic reassurance of the ability for InD to ultimately emerge as the gold-standard for regional LV functional assessment, overcoming many of the shortfalls of Longitudinal Strain Measurements. 

Read the full article by Dr Romy Hegeman from Sint Antonius Ziekenhuis Nieuwegein, and co-authors Sean McManus, Jan-Peter van Kuijk, MD PhD, Serge Harb, MD, Dr. Martin Swaans, P. Klein, MD and R. Puri, MD PhD from the Sint Antonius Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA and Bioventrix Inc. 

To learn more about how Inward Displacement is used to accurately quantify regional heart function:

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