It has been eight years since we introduced the industry’s first angio-based coronary physiology (Angio-FFR) solution. 

In 2014 the first paper on this was published in JACC Interventions. This was accompanied by a very constructive Editorial Comment by Prof Alexandra Lansky of Yale University. It was in the same year that Prof Hans Reiber, CSO, and Founder of Medis, presented Medis’ Angio-FFR solution, dubbed QFR® in 2016, at the Innovation Day of the EuroPCR. 
With QFR ®, Medis has introduced a disruptive decision support solution based on its 30+ years of scientific work and experience in the field of interventional cardiology. Medis has initiated the creation of a new and very attractive market and led it ever since. QFR® has already amazed many physicians around the world and turned them into enthusiastic users.
We will continue to surprise our users with meaningful innovations attracting many more cardiologists, researchers, and other medical professionals to use Medis QFR®.

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