Medis presents: a series of 10 QFR interviews with Medis QFR® KOL’s

During the EuroPCR 2022 in Paris, we have had the opportunity to engage in many interesting conversations with various QFR® users.

The Medis QFR interviews

#1: Prof. Barbara E. Stähli

#2: Dr. Julian Adjedj

#3: Dr. Rohit Mody

#4: Dr. Carlos Cortes Villar

#5: Prof. Joanna Wykrzykowska

#6: Dr. Luc Maillard

#7: Prof. Hector M. Garcia-Garcia

#8: Dr. Greta Žiubrytė

#9: Prof. Giovanni Luigi De Maria

#10: Prof. Tommaso Gori

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