Upgrade License Request

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    In order to handle your upgrade license request please fill in the fields below. Our support team will follow up on your request as soon as possible.

    ¹ You can find your license locking code in the Medis Suite Main Menu > Tools > Show available licenses. Still using an older version of Medis Suite? Then you can find the License Locking code in the CMS License Manager tool. To start the CMS License Manager, browse to the Medis Suite folder in the Windows Start Menu. You will see your license locking code when you click on "View available licenses".

    Are you planning to upgrade your QAngio CT application? In that case we need some additional information. Please check the checkbox below and one of our support professionals will get in touch with you to guide you to the process to get this additional information.

    Yes, I'm planning to upgrade QAngio CT

    Do you need any assistance with the installation or do you have questions? Feel free to contact our support team via support@medisimaging.com.