Why our customers choose Medis Suite MR

Cardiac volumetrics are the cornerstone in detecting cardiac function. It is measured in all cardiac patients which enhances the need for a quick and reliable solution. Medis Medical Imaging has empowered the MR function analysis with Deep Learning AI technology to simplify and speed up your daily analysis. One of the features of Medis Suite MR that stand out is the reporting function, simplifying daily analysis by offering AI-powered reports. This function is integrated in the standard Medis Suite MR package, start improving your MR reporting today!

Image acquisition and processing

Cardiac analysis powered by AI

Custom auto-generated reporting

Proven accuracy

Validated results from 1600+ papers, applicable for the heart and greater vessels to support clinical decisions

Powerful AI

AI-based contour detection and pre-processing algorithms have been embedded in Medis Suite MR for a comprehensive, time-saving and validated solution for cardiac MR


Medis Suite MR has groundbreaking innovative parameters such as Hemodynamic Forces that allows the non-invasive evaluation of intra-ventricular pressure gradient (IVPG) with routine cine-images and Inward Displacement, a new parameter for regional wall motion

Robust platform

The robust Medis Suite platform integrates viewing, advanced analyses and reporting in one workflow. It is a multi-modality platform for MR and CT to be able to compare studies side by side


The comprehensive and clearly arranged report of Medis Suite MR is created automatically based on the performed analysis.

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