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Inward Displacement

Inward Displacement is expected to be a robust and sensitive regional LV function parameter, describing the inward motion and contractility of the LV.  

inward displaccement

Unraveling Regional Ventricular Function: Introducing Inward Displacement

The Inward Displacement module within Medis Suite empowers cardiac professionals to gain comprehensive insights into regional ventricular function. By evaluating Inward Displacement, medical professionals can make precise assessments of myocardial mechanics, contributing to well-informed clinical decisions.

Modality-Independent Applicability: Versatility Across Imaging Techniques

Inward Displacement represents a modality-independent parameter, applicable for MR, CT, and Ultrasound series. This adaptability allows cardiac professionals to leverage the full potential of Inward Displacement across diverse cardiac imaging modalities, enhancing diagnostic capabilities.

Robust Feature Tracking Algorithm: Ensuring Accuracy and Reliability

Medis Suite’s Inward Displacement module utilizes a robust feature tracking algorithm, developed by KOLs in the field. This cutting-edge technology ensures accurate and reliable quantification of regional ventricular function, elevating the confidence and accuracy of cardiac assessments.

Efficient Contour Re-Usage: Streamlining Processing for Optimal Results

Inward Displacement offers seamless integration with strain analysis, allowing for efficient contour re-usage in processing. This streamlined workflow maximizes the quality of results and optimizes the overall cardiac analysis experience.

Comprehensive Features for Regional Function Analysis

The Inward Displacement module in Medis Suite provides a range of comprehensive features, empowering cardiac professionals in regional ventricular function analysis:

  1. Analysis of Long Axis Cines: Evaluate regional ventricular function through long axis cine images, providing a comprehensive view of myocardial mechanics.

  2. Quantification of Regional Function: Precisely quantify Inward Displacement and Inward Displacement Index, enabling detailed assessment of regional ventricular function.

  3. Evaluation in AHA Models: Evaluate Inward Displacement results in 16/17 segment American Heart Association (AHA) models, providing a standardized approach to regional ventricular function analysis.

  4. Segmental Time Curves: Analyze segmental time curves, facilitating dynamic assessments of regional ventricular function over the cardiac cycle.

Effortless Exportation for Research Collaboration

The Inward Displacement module in Medis Suite allows for easy exportation of research results in various formats, including PDF, XML, and MS-Excel. This seamless export capability enables smooth collaboration with colleagues and researchers, supporting advanced cardiac studies and contributing to cutting-edge medical research.





Inward Displacement in use

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