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Viewing and Cross-Referencing Features: A Comprehensive Case Overview

The Medis Suite CT viewer offers powerful cross-referencing tools that allow users to relate images and obtain a comprehensive case overview. By viewing series side-by-side, radiologists can quickly detect abnormalities at a glance, enabling them to make accurate diagnoses. The ability to compare structures in different orientations facilitates in-depth analysis and enhances diagnostic confidence.

Streamlined Workflow

With its user-friendly interface, the Medis Suite CT viewer simplifies workflow management. The drag ‘n drop and keyboard shortcuts functionalities allow the radiologist to effortlessly load series into the viewer, enabling a seamless and intuitive workflow. The intuitive functionality saves valuable time and ensures that radiologist can focus on their primary task of interpreting medical images.

Effortless Collaboration: Review Layouts

Preparing for case presentations and collaboration with colleagues is made effortless with the Medis Suite CT viewer. Radiologists can conveniently prepare review layouts in advance, ensuring that the case is presented in a clear and organized manner. This feature facilitates effective communication and enhances interdisciplinary teamwork, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.

Patient follow-up: Loading Prior Exams

Tracking a patient’s medical history is crucial for providing comprehensive care. The Medis Suite CT viewer allows for the loading of prior exams next to the current case, making it easy to follow a patient’s progress over time. By having access to historical imaging data, radiologists can observe changes, assess treatment efficacy, and make informed decisions regarding patient care.

Versatile Image Viewer: CT, Ultrasound, MR, and X-ray

The Medis Suite CT viewer is not limited to CT images alone. It offers versatility by supporting a wide range of medical imaging modalities, including ultrasound, MR, and X-ray. This comprehensive functionality consolidates various imaging sources into a single viewer, eliminating the need for multiple software applications. Radiologists can conveniently view and present different types of medical images within the same platform, enhancing efficiency and facilitating seamless workflow management.

Enhanced Analysis Tools: Precise Measurements

Accurate measurements are vital for radiological assessments. The Medis Suite CT viewer provides simple distance and area measurement tools, enabling radiologists to obtain precise measurements of important parameters such as wall thickness or valve area. These measurement capabilities enhance diagnostic accuracy and assist in monitoring disease progression.





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