Unlocking new frontiers: Medis QFR® receives approval for reimbursement by the Japanese Ministry of Health (MOH)

Working diligently over a period of many years with Japanese KOL’s, Medis QFR® has achieved a milestone that holds immense significance for the interventional cardiology community in Japan. Following the approval by the PMDA in August 2023, the Ministry of Health has now granted reimbursement approval for the Medis QFR® as per January 1st 2024.

Understanding the Impact:

This approval paves the way for Japanese healthcare professionals to integrate Medis QFR® seamlessly into their clinical practice. Medis QFR®, renowned for its simplicity and accuracy in non-invasive image-based coronary physiology, brings a new level of accessibility to the forefront.

Key Benefits for Interventional Cardiologists:

Simple: Simpler intuitive workflow, applicable for online and offline usage

Fast: No pressure wire, no hyperaemic agent, reducing treatment costs and procedure time

Proven: Evidence from over 17.000 patients and 20.000 lesions across 210+ peer-reviewed articles

Looking Ahead:

This approval not only signifies a moment of great achievement, but also increases Safety in the cath lab by less adverse events, shorter procedure times, less radiation dose, thereby reducing healthcare expenditure as well.

As we celebrate this accomplishment, we invite our esteemed community to explore the boundless possibilities that Medis QFR® may bring to your practice.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey of simplification and innovation in coronary physiology!

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