The use of two angiographic projections within Medis QFR® and the benefits over single-view projections.

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Written on: February 1, 2024
The Medis QFR® approach is based on the 3D reconstruction of a selected coronary segment from two X-ray angiographic views at least 25 degrees apart, and on the assessment of the flow velocity through the vessel following strict acquisition guidelines.
There are several good reasons, why we have chosen this approach rather than trying to develop a solution based on a single angiographic view. While the single angiographic view based QFR may seem attractive, we must realize that a single view misses very relevant information about vessel foreshortening, lesion eccentricity, etc We now have created a blog article that discusses the benefits using an approach with two angiographic views, like Medis QFR®. Some highlights from the article: + Advanced imaging technique: Medis QFR® utilizes 3D reconstruction from two X-ray angiographic views, at least 25 degrees apart. This approach significantly outperforms traditional methods based on single angiographic views, offering a more precise evaluation of coronary lesions. + Eccentric lesions analysis: the article provides an in-depth examination of the challenges in detecting eccentric lesions. Through comprehensive research and data, the importance of employing orthogonal views for a thorough and accurate assessment is discussed. + Vessel foreshortening and its implications: the article discusses the concept of vessel foreshortening and its impact on flow velocity calculations, highlighting the necessity of true 3D length measurements for accurate diagnostics. + Comprehensive and reliable methodology: the 3D QCA approach, utilizing two views, stands as the most robust and broadly applicable solution for lesion assessment in cardiac care.

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