The next edition of Medis Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts is now available!

Reading time: 3 mins
Written on: March 18, 2024
We introduced this new section to share tips across all product lines. By sharing this, we want to transfer the knowledge we receive from you and all your peers and enable the use of Medis software to its full potential.
In this edition, we are sharing the following 5 tips: 💡 Medis Suite MR: Is Medis planning to further enhance the AI contours for RV, LA and RA in Strain analysis? 💡Medis Suite MR: Can volume-time curves in Qstrain be automatically generated for all cardiac chambers? 💡 Medis Suite: Is there a way to shorten the time of the Post Install Test (PIT) for our IT department? 💡 Medis Suite MR: How can I set up automatic T1/T2 map selection and color map creation in Medis Suite? 💡 Medis QFR®: Can QFR be used in patients with acute coronary syndrome? (non-culprit vessels) The answers to these questions can be found on our website:

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