Medis QFR® featured in 2 live presentations at CRT 2024!

Reading time: 3 mins
Written on: March 12, 2024
Many thanks to Yuhei Kobayashi, MD and Prof. Morton Kern for their illuminating presentations at CRT 2024, highlighting the remarkable advancements with Medis QFR.
Dr. Kobayashi shed light on how QFR is transforming CAD diagnosis and treatment planning, offering a quick and safe alternative with reduced time and radiation exposure. According to Dr. Kobayashi, QFR technology, with its superior accuracy, both online in the Cath lab and offline in the core lab, is expected to replace FFR wire in 80%-90% of cases, paving the way for a transformative shift in clinical practice. Prof. Kern further emphasized QFR’s role in advancing beyond single point physiology, underscoring its pivotal contribution to enhancing patient care.

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