From research to release: additional normal values included in the release of Medis Suite MR

Reading time: 4 mins
Written on: January 26, 2024
Last year a paper was published on normal values scanned on a 3T MR machine (doi: 10.1002/jmri.28903). In this study MRI reference ranges of left and right ventricular (LV and RV) morphology and function were established, based on a large multicenter cohort.
To optimize our MR software even further, these normal values have directly been embedded in today’s release of Medis Suite MR. Prof. Yucheng Chen, came by our booth today to experience this new release and to see the normal values being used in practice. The interaction between research, customer demands, and clinical use is an excellent way of constantly improving our software modalities. Besides these normal values, the new release of Medis Suite MR includes new deep learning for all chambers in the long axis (LAX), dedicated right atrium (RA) strain for comprehensive function and strain analyses and simplified graphics. Would you like to experience this new release of Medis Suite MR? Join us at booth B10 at CMR 2024 in London or simply book an online appointment to get a demo of all the new features.

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