Unusual email activity 

Medis Official Statement

Starting January 18, 2022 we have observed unusual email activity at our medisimaging.com domain. Upon noticing this suspicious activity, our IT team started a thorough investigation immediately to identify the cause and impact.

From our investigation we discovered that unauthorized emails were sent to recipients, appearing to come from Medis Medical Imaging. The recipients do not have any relation with Medis Medical Imaging and have been obtained and used from an unknown source. The exploitation of a server hosted by a trusted and reputable partner of Medis Medical Imaging seems to be the root cause of this unintended fraudulent emails sent out in our name.

The Medis Medical Imaging team has taken immediate action and as of January 19, 2022, 9 AM CET, Medis Medical Imaging has disallowed this external server to send emails on our behalf.

Medis Medical Imaging would like to apologise for any inconvenience this fraudulent email has caused you. Please delete the email you have received and if for any reason you have either clicked on links or have opened attachments, please take appropriate action. These actions could be to contact your organization’s system administrator, to check your computer security and to be mindful of your personal and financial information.

On behalf of Medis Medical Imaging,

Kostas Vlassis
Chief Technology Officer
Medis Medical Imaging