Technical Support

Unlock your software

All applications from Medis are protected from illegal use by a licensing mechanism. The licensing mechanism provides licenses for applications and their modules. These licenses can be provided as a network license (floating) or a standalone license (local).

Licenses are always locked to the computer hardware (disk id or MAC address) or to an external hardware key.

Our licenses are based on a locking code which is generated from those computer hardware or external hardware key. The locking code can be retrieved using the CMS EchoID tool.


Download the unlocking program


When you use windows XP and the CMSechoID Tool does not start, please install this program and restart the CMSechoID tool.


The dialog

The following dialog will be shown:

Obtain Lockingcode Medis

Unlock Software

Click save to save the file and attach it to an email to In the email you should mention your name, company name and products for which you would like to receive the license for.