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Join Medis at the SCCT 2022

July 15 - 17 | Booth 102

We will showcase the latest impact of our software during the symposium on the 16th at 7 A.M. called: ‘Pushing beyond today’s frontiers in CT Analysis’ and during the entire conference we will be at booth 102.

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The SCCT: Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography

  • Focus on cardiovascular CT: The SCCT is designed to engage physicians, trainees, technologists and healthcare professionals in a complete overview of cardiovascular CT. Sessions are ranging from general overviews, to hands-on workshops, symposia and expert discussions.
  • Medis will be joining this prestigious event at booth nr. 102 During this event we will be showcasing our Medis Suite CT, the solution for the evaluation of the coronary plaque and assessment of cardiac function. The Medis Suite CT solutions are innovative with strain and inward displacement on one hand and plaque characterization at the other hand.
  • We are a part of the program of the SCCT 2022, we will have a symposium on the second day of the event (16th of July) at 7:00 called: ‘Pushing beyond today’s frontiers in CT analysis’. The host of this symposium is Matt Budoff, MD.

The program of the SCCT 2022: the symposiums

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