Medis Suite MR Clinical Applications LV/RV Function

Medis Suite MR – LV & RV function


LV & RV function features

Global Function Analysis

  • Left ventricle (LV) and right ventricle (RV) volume analysis to get parameters as ejection fraction and stroke volume
  • AI based automatic LV & RV contour detection algorithm to minimize manual corrections for short and long axis images
  • Enhanced guided workflow for a quick analysis
  • Quantification of custom volumes, such as atrial volumes
  • Absolute and BSA indexed results to normalize the results
  • Provides normal ranges based on academic papers to compare results with the same age and gender
  • Provides z-scores for pediatric cases in the results
  • Area-length and Biplane analysis method for long axis function analysis
  • ‘MassK’ algorithm available for automatic segmentation of papillary muscles and trabeculations

Regional Function Analysis

  • Wall motion analysis to analyse the uniformity
  • Wall thickness and wall thickening measurements
  • Wall thickness changes over time to analyse the contractility
  • Results are displayed within curves or AHA 16 segment bull’s eye

Other features include

  • Visual scoring for wall motion, perfusion, and infarct size in the 16 segments of the heart