Medis Suite MR – Extracellular Volume


Features in Medis Suite MR – Extracellular Volume

ECV Analysis

  • [Body] Synchronized viewing between T1 pre, post and ECV images
  • Simple 3 step analysis
    1) Drag & drop  T1 native and post contrast DICOM series
    2) Draw blood pool ROI
    3) Fill in hematocrit
  • Draw contours only in one image, they will be automatically copied to all viewports
  • Automatic and manual correction for breathing motion
  • Exclude single images for accurate mapping
  • Calculation of ECV, T1, residual, R2, offset, and scaling maps for tissue characterization of the myocardium
  • Results based on region of interest (ROI), slice segments or AHA 16 segments for regional or global myocardial assessment.
  • Easy export of results to .xcl format for comprehensive research

Other results

  • Calculation of T1 relaxation time in Inversion Recovery based (MOLLI, Look Locker) and Progressive Saturation based sequences
  • Delta maps (relative and absolute) for comparison of the maps
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