Medis Suite CT – Plaque analysis

Medis Suite CT – Plaque analysis


  • Sophisticated and simple workflow for CTA quantification
  • Saving you massive amounts of time in performing analysis and processing results
  • Reducing your population size because of excellent reproducibility
  • Allowing you to review and edit results in a flexible manner
  • Providing you highly detailed output of results directly into a spreadsheet containing what you need for your study
  • Supporting world-class research on plaque, used in 200+ publications 

Plaque Analysis features


  • Viewing 3D CT Angiography series, double oblique viewing, MPR, MIP, slabbed MIP, VR
  • Efficient calliper measurements providing scientific detail

CTA analysis results

  • Lumen and plaque statistics to assess the burden of coronary artery disease:
    • Degree of stenosis (diameter and area)
    • Lesion length
    • Plaque burden
    • Plaque volume (per lesion and per vessel)
    • Vessel remodeling index
    • Mean plaque and lumen intensities
    • Straightforward Fixed and innovative adaptive thresholding methods for plaque characterization
    • Plaque characterization components according to Virtual Histology classification: Dense Calcium, NecroticCore, FibrousFatty, Fibrous, Media (optional)
    • Vessel segment and subsegment labelling
    • NEW: Evaluation of Peri Vascular Adipose Tissue (PVAT)
Data export
  • All analysis results including coronary tree, contours, lesion parameters and vessel labels can be saved and reloaded again for reviewing and/or exporting
  • Easy data export for quantification data (Excel or copy-to-clipboard) ? Batch processing of quantified parameters from multiple studies into a single spreadsheet
  • Segment based, Lesion based, Slice based
  • Screenshots (jpeg, png, copy to clipboard, DICOM snapshots)
NEW: 3D Workbench utility for 3D visualization of 3D plaque
  • Visualization of lumen, vessel and plaque components
  • Export of lumen mesh in .stl format