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Join Medis at the ESC 2022

August 26 - 29 | Booth L600

Medis will join the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) event in Barcelona this year. The ESC congress will take place in Barcelona from the 26th till the 29th of August 2022. We will be at booth L600, see you there!

The ESC: European Society of Cardiology

The ESC is the world’s largest cardiovascular congress with over 500 experts sessions and more than 10 800 abstracts submitted contributing to the advancement of cardiovascular medicine worldwide. The spotlight in 2022 is ‘Cardiac imaging’, with its profound implications for prevention, diagnosis, clinical decision-making, guiding of interventions and follow-up of therapeutic procedures.

come and experience the “Magic of Cardiology” in Barcelona. Will we see you there?

What software will Medis be presenting at the ESC 2022?

Medis Suite MR

Medis Suite MR is our solution for the assessment of the different structures of the heart and the heart’s function in both clinical routine and in scientific research. It includes all the tools for routine measurements as well as highly innovative and best-in-class applications:

  Incorporating robust, vendor-independent and proven algorithms, for deep learning contour detection, flow analysis, feature-tracking, powering the cardiologist and radiologist worldwide for the last 25 years

  Used in 1500+ scientific papers to support the function, flow and tissue characterization analysis

  MR Strain is available together with Echo Strain and CT Strain, a truly multimodality approach for advanced cardiac deformation imaging, using the same technology optimized for the different modalities

Unique and innovative patents for measuring Inward Displacement and Hemodynamic Forces

  Seamless integration in healthcare IT environment and an easy connection with the DICOM network

Medis Suite CT

Medis Suite CT is our solution for the evaluation of the coronary tree and assessment of heart function. Medis Suite CT can be used in both scientific research and in clinical routine providing robust tools for:  

  Incorporating robust, vendor-independent, and proven algorithms for AI vessel segmentation and feature-tracking, empowering radiologist worldwide for the last 25 years

  Used in 300+ scientific papers to support the function and plaque characterization analysis

Medis Suite Ultrasound

Medis Suite Ultrasound is the latest addition to the Medis Suite portfolio for cardiovascular imaging. Based on 20 years of developments and innovations, we bring you the latest image post processing tools in advanced cardiac deformation analysis for echo. Medis Suite Ultrasound is currently available for research-use. Medis Suite Ultrasound is a continuation of over 20 years of innovative algorithms and ground-breaking work in Echo software by AMID. AMID was acquired by Medis in 2020.

Measuring the function of the heart using
Medis Suite Ultrasound & Medis Suite MR

With our new add-ons: Strain and Hemodynamic forces

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See you at the ESC 2022