QIvus RE


IVUS Analysis:

  • Support for all IVUS data formats
  • Time-saving automatic detection of lumen, stent and vessel border
  • Powerful, intuitive and fast editing
  • Single-slice contour detection and semi-automatic 3D contour detection
  • Automatic key frame selection
  • Loop reviewing
  • Export of results to Microsoft® Excel®
  • Simultaneous reviewing of grayscale and tissue characterization data
  • Extensive 2D and 3D reporting of IVUS and tissue characterization results

OCT Analysis

  • Support for all OCT data formats
  • Side-by-side reviewing of IVUS and OCT images
  • Automatic lumen detection
  • Semi-automatic stent strut detection
  • Extensive OCT reporting
  • Export of results to Microsoft® Excel®


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