LV & RV Function

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Global Function

  • Left ventricle (LV) and right ventricle (RV) volume analysis
  • NEW: Enhanced automatic LV & RV contour detection based on a deep learning algorithm
  • NEW: Enhanced guided workflow
  • Quantification of custom volumes, such as atrial volumes
  • Absolute and indexed results
  • Choose from different normal ranges
  • Add z-scores to results
  • Area-length and Biplane Analysis for long axis cines
  • LV endocardial “LiveContour” detection
  • “MassK” algorithm available for automatic segmentation of papillary muscles and trabeculations

Regional Function Analysis

  • Wall motion analysis
  • Wall thickness and wall thickening measurements
  • Wall thickness changes over time
  • Results are displayed within curves or AHA 16 segment bulls eye

Other features include

  • Visual scoring for wall motion, perfusion and infarct size

Did you know that ?

Function is also possible with CT using the exact same post processing method? Because of the streamlined analysis workflow, Medis Suite allows you to compare CT and MR function studies with the highest diagnostic confidence.
Contours traced during the LV function analysis can be loaded into the QStrain app for subsequent strain analysis based on features tracking MR