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The team of Y Ishii in Cardiovascular Center, Ogikubo Hospital, Japan confirmed the high diagnostic performance of QFR® in intermediate stenoses

They analyzed 151 coronary arteries with intermediate stenosis in 142 patients. QFR had good correlation (r=0.80, P<0.0001) and agreement (mean difference: 0.01±0.05) with FFR. After applying the FFR cut-off ≤0.8, the overall accuracy rate of QFR ≤0.8 was 88.0%. On receiver operating characteristics analysis, the area under the curve was 0.93 for QFR. They concluded that QFR had good correlation and agreement with FFR and high diagnostic performance in the evaluation of intermediate coronary stenosis, suggesting that QFR may be an alternative tool for estimating myocardial ischemia.

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