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The Medis MassK mode for the assessment of the MR myocardial mass plus trabeculations and papillary muscles attracted positive interest at the ESR in Vienna.

Several oral presentations were given:

  • B-0459: Cardiac magnetic resonance volume analysis in patients with single ventricle
    F. Secchi, M. Petrini, A. Cozzi, P. CannaĆ², F. Sardanelli; Milan/IT
    Conclusion: SV and AF values, calculated with Mass-K mode technique in SVentr patients, show no significant difference. A highly reproducible method to estimate cardiac function in SVentr patients was validated. Due to the absence of other noninvasive techniques, this CMR method can lead clinical/surgical decision making.
  • B-0462: Cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) evaluation of non-compacted myocardium: comparison of two software packages
    E. Pershina1, M. Gutberlet2, M. Grothoff2; 1Moscow/RU, 2Leipzig/DE
    Conclusion: According to the better overall inter- and intra-observer agreement and lower evaluation times, the semi-automated QMassMR method with a special algorithm for trabeculation detection seems to be advantageous in LVNC patients.
  • B-1310: Assessment of left-ventricle non-compacted myocardium magnetic resonance parameters modified by novel semi-automatic pixel intensity-based approach of trabeculae measurement
    E. Pershina, V. Sinitsin, E. Mershina; Moscow/RU
    Conclusion: Novel semi-automatic pixel intensity-based approach in LVNC is an effective tool for quantification of non-compacted myocardial volumes. But its application in some cases may give results contradicting with previously proposed LVNC diagnostic criteria so further research in this field is needed.

    Read the article taken from ECR Today(6/3/2016)

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