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QFR® Quicktips 2020

QFR® Quicktips 2020

QFR® is the innovative technology allowing for the assessment of functional significant coronary lesions, without the use of adenosine and the use of pressure wires. In addition detailed anatomical information is obtained that assists the healthcare professional in treatment decisions.

In this series Jonathan Leegwater, Product Support Specialst QFR®, helps you with some short videos to explore all the interesting features that QFR® has to offer. We have summarized all the episodes right here:

Episode 1: End of Diastolic Phase Frame Selection
Episode 2: 3D Angulation
Episode 3: Contour Correction
Episode 4: How to get Results
Episode 5: Reference Lines
Episode 6: Correspondence Correction
Episode 7: Frame Counting
Episode 8: Catheter Positioning
Episode 9: Anatomy and Physiology