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Medis Suite XA

Vendor-independent post-processing solution for X-Ray angiography


Medis® Suite XA is the vendor-independent post-processing solution for X-Ray angiography. The workflow in Medis Suite XA is based on 30+ years of cardiovascular medical image analysis.

Medis Suite XA includes the fast assessment of QFR, a measure of the functional significance of lesions, without the need for adenosine and/or a pressure wire.

Besides Medis Suite XA we offer QAngio® XA for your X-ray angiograms, which is the industry-leading post-processing software solution for the analysis of coronary and peripheral vessels (QCA and QVA) in angiograms, and for the analysis of left and right ventriculograms (QLV and QRV).

Setting up Medis Suite XA in the hospital IT environment and connecting it to the DICOM network in the Cath lab for online analysis is easy.

In addition, highly innovative and cutting edge research app for co-registration between X-ray angiography and OCT images.



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QFR has changed the life of my Cath Lab. The introduction of FFR has transformed the evaluation and management of stable coronary lesions. However, its use remains limited because of the cost and many practical technical limitations. The QFR is based upon the approach we have been using for the measurement of a lesion for a long time: QCA. In three clicks, a lesion can be quickly and easily estimated during or after the procedure, not only for stable patient lesions but also for lesions associated with acute coronary syndromes.
Dr. Luc Maillard Clinique Axium in Aix en Provence, France
QFR is simplified & cost effective way of functional testing without any potential for complications during testing. Has the potential to become part of every angiogram lesion estimation in future thus helping in avoiding unnecessary PCIs & Stenting. We should all work together to make this happen for the benefit of all our patients. Congratulations to Medis.
Dr. A. Sreenivas Kumar, M.D., D.M., FACC Chairman, Cardiovascular Sciences & Chief Cardiologist, Citizens Hospital Nallagandla, Hyderabad
Our experience with QAngio XA revealed consistent, valid and reproducible intra- and inter-observer results with shorter analysis times both in QCA and QVA analysis in a multitude of large, multi-center device trials with angiographic endpoints.
Prof. Johannes B. Dahm, MD Professor of Clinical Medicine, Cardiology, Angiology , Director, Clinical Services, Heart-& Vascular Center Neu Bethlehem , Göttingen, Germany ,Director Core Laboratories imaeon scientific research and genae associates
We have been using the Medis QAngio XA software in our core laboratory since 1991. All major interventional device trials with angiographic endpoints have been evaluated using Medis QAngio XA as the standard.
Alexandra J. Lansky, MD Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine Director, Clinical Services, Center for Interventional Vascular Therapy Columbia University Medical Center Joint Chief Scientific Officer, Clinical Trial Center and Director, Women's Cardiovascular Health Initiative Cardiovascular Research Foundation
QAngio XA has proven to be very intuitive and easy to learn, even with the challenging cases in our large real-world population trial. It allows us to perform a high volume of quantitative angiographic analyses with limited personnel.
Clemens von Birgelen, PD PhD Professor of Interventional Cardiology, University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands Associate Professor of Medicine (PD), University of Duisburg-Essen, Essen, Germany Interventional Cardiologist and Co-Director, Department of Cardiology, Thoraxcentrum Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands
I am using QFR as a very promising research tool in my cathlab and the QAngioXA 3D software is user-friendly and allows evaluation of vessel stenosis in short time. I think QFR has a significant clinical potential in making the functional assessment of coronary stenosis a routine in every catheterization laboratory.
Dr. Giovanni Luigi De Maria Consultant Interventional Cardiologist Oxford Heart Centre - John Radcliffe Hospital