Medis is proud to actively support the prospective PIONEER-IV Study

The Medis QFR® software is being used in all the centers that are participating in the PIONEER-IV Study with P.I. by Prof. Serruys at the Galway University in IrelandCurrently a total of 16 sites are active from Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain, with more sites to be activated soon.

The PIONEER-IV is a prospective, single-blind (patient), randomized, 1:1, controlled, multi-center study comparing clinical outcomes between angiography-derived physiology guidance (QFR®)  to local routine diagnostic procedure (LRDP) and usual care in an all-comers patient population undergoing PCI with unrestrictive use of the Sinomed HT SUPREME™ sirolimus-eluting stent. 

For the latest updates, please refer to the website of CORRIB Corelab (

We wish the Pioneer-IV team and participants much success and look forward to the future results!

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