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Medis SCMR Self-Assessment Test Available at EuroCMR 2008

This year’s edition of the self-assessment test, which is developed in joint collaboration by Medis and SCMR, will also be available to visitors of EuroCMR 2008, after its featuring at SCMR 2008 in Los Angeles last February.

The test enables cardiologists to assess their skills in reading cardiac MR studies. It consists of eight sets of questions, contributed by peers from the field who have selected their most interesting cases. Participants are shown their score for each set of questions that they complete.

Registration is not required for the Medis SCMR self-assessment test: it will be available to the public on a workstation next to the Medis presentation outside the EuroCMR conference hall. EuroCMR 2008 will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, from May 22 through May 24.

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