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Medis 1 on 1: Greta Ziubryte

Medis 1 on 1: Greta Ziubryte

QFR® as a method to reduce procedure-related ionising radiation

In the interview series ‘Medis 1 on 1’, prof. Hans Reiber (CSO, Medis Medical Imaging) interviews a scientist on his/her research in cardiovascular imaging. Giving the researcher a platform to talk about his/her research and making it possible for you to stay up to date on the latest developments in a podcast like manner, and understand the thoughts behind a certain QFR® application.

For this instalment of the series prof. Reiber is talking with Greta Ziubryte, MD. Dr. Ziubryte is working as an cardiology resident at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Kaunas, Lithuania among other on the use of QFR® as a method to reduce the amount of procedure-related dose of ionising radiation. In this interview he will discuss her latest article on the topic.

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