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Interindividual variations in hemodynamics during FFR, while diagnostic performance of QFR was not significantly affected.

Hernán Mejia-Renteria, MD and co-authors from the team of Javier Escaned, MD studied the interindividual variations in adenosine-induced hemodynamics during FFR evaluation, and compared the use of QFR (without adenosine) in assessing intermediate coronary stenoses. Adenosine-induced hemodynamics during FFR measurement were determined in terms of % change in mean aortic pressure (%ΔPa), and the resistive reserve ration (RRR) in a total of 294 vessels of 245 patients. Individuals showed a wide variation in the adenosine response in %ΔPa (- 74% to +43%) and RRR (0.45 to 20.15). However, such interindividual hemodynamic variations did not significantly affect the diagnostic performance of QFR in predicting invasive fractional flow reserve.

For further read: J Am Heart Sooc 2019; 8: e012906; doi: 10.1161/JAHA.119.012906

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