6 Oct – 7 Oct 2023 | Online

Join Medis at the POPAI 2023

Medis will be joining and presenting during the POPAI 2023. We will showcase our software solution, Medis QFR®. Are you joining online as well? Please join our presentation!

The POPAI 2023

A deep dive into physiology and imaging. The PCI Optimization by Physiology And Imaging (POPAI) 2023 takes place from 6 till 7 October in an online setting. The online course will consist of various presentations, live demonstrations and specially invited speakers.

Luncheon session: Outcome studies and the use in clinical routine.
6 October 12:30
Chaired by Prof. Masato Nakamura.

On Friday 6 October, Medis will host a Luncheon around the developments of Medis QFR® and its use in clinical practice.

We’re thrilled to present the two insightful presentations during this luncheon session. These sessions are designed to empower you with valuable insights and enhance your practice. Don’t miss out! See you at POPAI.

Utilizing QFR in clinical routine – Tips obtained from the clinical research

 Presenter: Yosuke Miyazaki, MD (Yamaguchi University Hospital)

🔬 Discover IMR-Angio and Its Implication on Cholesterol

🧪 Learn About the Recently Published FIRE Trial

📊 Delve into the Benefits of Complete Revascularization for Older MI & Multivessel Disease Patients

🤝 Explore the European Consensus on QFR

State-of-the-art image-based FFR – from research use to clinical use

Presenter: Toru Tanigaki, MD (Gifu Heart Center)

🔍 Explore the Ease of Use of QFR

🔄 Understand the Difference Between Research and Clinical Practice

📈 Dive into the FAVOR III China 2-Year Follow-up Outcomes

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We are looking forward to seeing you at the POPAI 2023