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Comparative study QFR vs iFR

Dr Masahiro Watarai and colleagues from Cardiovascular Center, Ogikubo hospital in Tokyo, under the supervision of Dr Yasuhiro Ishii published a paper in the Intern J of Cardiovascular Imaging on the applicability of the QFR for rapid evaluation evaluation of intermediate coronary stenosis and the comparison with iFR. This was a prospective study in which 150 coronary lesions were enrolled, including 50 lesions for on-site QFR. The mean QFR and IFR were 0.81 and 0.89, respectively. In ROC analysis, the AuC of QFR for predicting iFR<0.89 was 0.91. Applying the cut-off values of 0.80 for QFR and 0.89 for iFR, the sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive values were 85%, 83%, 72% and 91, respectively in all subjects, and 82%, 82%, 78% and 85%, respectively in the on-site analysed vessels. They concluded that the QFR has a diagnostic performance comparable to that of iFR.

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