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Athletes’ normal left ventricular magnetic resonance parameters modify trabeculae measurements.

On Sunday morning at ECR, Dr. Hajnalka Vágó presented results on the measurement of myocardial mass in athletes and control groups. Dr Hajnalka Vágó explained that top athletes are three to five times more at risk of sudden cardiac death than the general population. Regular and intensive physical training leads to physiological cardiac hypertrophy, or remodelling, the so called ‘athlete’s heart.’ However, sometimes in our daily routine we face the diagnostic challenge of differentiating between normal cardiac adaptation and pathological forms (e.g. hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, left ventricular non-compaction, etc.) These conditions can serve as an arrhythmogenic substrate. With the help of QMass and a novel algorithm, MassK, it was possible to accurately measure the compact and trabeculae mass of the ventricles in more than 100 topathletes. For further reading, refer to the full article in ECR’s Sunday daily news bulletin on ECRToday2015_Sunday_March_8.pdf.

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