LV & RV Function

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LV and RV function analysis
Global function analysis (Simpson’s method) on short axis or transversal stack of cines
Quantification of custom volumes, such as atrial volumes
Area-length and Bi-plane volumetric analysis methods for long axis cines
Automatic contour detection of LV endo and epicardium and RV endocardium, semi- automatic contour editing
“LiveContour” algorithm to quickly detect endocardial contours
Automatic exclusion of images in short axis based on information in long axis ?
Auto-detection of papillary muscles and trabeculae with “MassK mode”
Quantification of EDV, ESV, SV, %EF, CO, CI, indexed values (BSA and height), (time to) peak filling and ejection rate ? Various BSA calculation methods for indexed results
Various normal ranges possible, calculation of z-scores
Analysis of regional parameters, such as wall motion, wall thickness, wall thickening and wall thickness changes over time

Did you know that ?

the 3DView app on Medis Suite CT can be used as a reformatter to obtain suitable multi-phase multi-slice series for LV & RV Functional analysis.
Contours traced during the LV function analysis can be loaded into the QStrain app for subsequent strain analysis based on features tracking CT.