Extracellular volume

powered by QMap RE


Viewing & editing

  • Synchronized viewing
  • Advanced contour editing
  • Maps as color overlays
  • Exclude single images for mapping

ECV Analysis workflow

  • Simple 4 step analysis
    1. Drag & drop of T1 Native DICOM series
    2. Drag & drop of T1 post contrast DICOM series
    3. Draw blood pool ROI
    4. Fill in hematocrit
  • Auto-copy functionality: draw contours only in one image
  • Intuitive manual rigid image registration.
  • ROI measurements (ROI1 – ROI4).
  • Cardiac segmental output
    • Variable number of segments per slice.
    • Clock or counter clockwise segment labeling.
    • A table with 17 segments of the AHA model.

ECV analysis results

  • ROI and segmental measurement
  • Fitting based results
    • Compute T1&ECV values directly from graph data.
  • Regional statistics
    • Mean & standard deviation of T1 and ECV values inside ROIs.
    • Mean & standard deviation of T1 and ECV values inside cardiac segment.
  • Squared residual and R2 Maps.
Other results
  • T1, T2, T2* relaxation times
  • Delta maps (relative and absolute)
Data export
  • Easy data export for quantification data (Excel or copy-to-clipboard)
  • Screenshots (png, copy to clipboard)